Toxic friends
Christi Shake Interview
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Sunset Tan Show
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Toxic Playmate
Julie McCullough
Toxic Waste at the Playboy
Mansion May 2007
Toxic Waste in the 10th
Anniversary Party at Gisele Tune
More of Julie, Ouch
Scott Harden of Star Media
You Tube web Host loves Toxic
Way to dress!
Scott Harden
LA's hot Rock group
The Hills & Coolio
Kaptain Bubble Leather &
Scott Harden
Jennifer Ashley- Designer
for Hippie ink.
More of patrick Kilpatrick &Toxic Waste
Rudy Youngblood of "Apocalypto"
Upcoming model Jacob
Younis at the taping of
NBC's "YourLA"
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The Hills & Toxic
Look who was gifted Toxic Waste
at the LG Mobile TV Party
Chris Richardson Wearing
Toxic Waste on
American Idol
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Volante for excellant Red
Carpet Pictures
Young Joc
Pimp My Shirt
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Sunset Tan Show
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Toxic Stars Danny & Debbie
Trejo interview.
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Small Change interview
with artist Young Joc
Thank you Bone Thugsnharmony for
your  support at the Toxic Waste /Laguna
Beach Jeans Fashion Show
Papa Roach & Toxic