" Uniqueness is your sword,
Vintage is your shield,
Let the Toxic in your head,
Guide your bright mind,
And the Fashion look,
Will be yours,
Till the end of time."
Dare to be different, that is our philosophy. Toxic Waste started
oozing in 2000 AD and by 2005 it short circuited the Fashion
Industry with its one of a kind styling. Today Toxic Waste
Clothing is setting the trend with its original vintage look that will
liberate your creative spirit. Turn heads, You bet. Stand out in the
crowd, No doubt. Exhume confidence, Absolutely.
Los Angeles circa 1965, the Toxic capital of the USA is our home
and inspiration for designs. You asked for the extra touch, better
quality, and don't cut corners styling. We delivered. Mass
produced High Street trends deprived of originality and
creativity, We'll leave that for the big guys. Mass Appeal, leave
that to us. We have no boundaries, our vintage and alternative
style clothes stand out with an attitude. We don't categorize who
we are, we just be ourselves. As individuals, we are all by
definition One Of A Kind. We seek to find apparel that reflects
this. Delve into the rich wealth of diversity and change throughout
the common fashion heritage. Get hooked on fashion again, Get
hooked on Toxic Waste.
3382 E. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90023
Tel: (323) 780 0403      Fax: (323) 780 0404
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